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Here you will find pages filled with Alice in Wonderland Art, Fantasy Art, Fairy Tale characters, vampires, fairies, angels, gothic art, steampunk couture, goddesses, elves & anything fantastical.

Music & Lyrically Theme Auction

A collection of beautiful array of artwork from The Rabbit Hole Artist Collective is up for Auction January 24th – 30th, 2017. This months themes are Music & Lyrically inspired. I have a lovely pencil drawing called “Symphonic Butterflies” that will be available to bid on. Below are some WIP images. I will post a completed image when she is done She makes a nice companion piece to Deanna’s “Candy Rocker” drawing.

Rabbit Hole Collective - Music & Lyrical Auction

Work In Progress (WIP) Images of “Symphonic Butterflies”

Symphonic Butterflies - WIPs