Cheshire Cat Earrings

Famous for his mysterious and nonsensical personality, the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland is our favorite Disney feline. The Cheshire cat is a unique character in Wonderland who always has a permanent smile on his face. He frightens or amuses his visitors by reshaping his body into which he desires. Like other members of the Wonderland, he is mad- although, he’s the only creature that admits it with pride.

All the other creatures within wonderland hold fear over him. Amazingly enough, even the Queen of Hearts does! Maybe its because he is the craziest of them all and he posses some unique abilities. However, his real nature in Alice and Wonderland is highly questionable. At times he seems a bit crazy while in other times he is very sympathetic and kind towards Alice. He gives Alice advice on what she should do on her journey and which path to take. Practically, he acts as a wise counsel to Alice.
The Cheshire cat’s trademark is his mysterious and wicked grin. For the most part, he always has that grin etched permanently on the face. The smile is pretty popular as fans all around the world have plastered it on posters, wallpapers, and t-shirts.
The other side of his personality reveals he as a cruel sense of humor. This is evident when he meets with the Queen of hearts and continuously causes some mishaps to test her temper. Threatened by none, the Cheshire cat always maintains a calm composure grinning every step of the way.
You have to admit; the Cheshire cat is pretty sketchy. He can appear and disappear on his own will. Although, his ghostly floating grin is by far the best trait that makes people love/hate him. The floating teeth are incredibly frightful.

You are probably familiar with the Cheshire cat’s famous expression “We are all mad here.” He proudly owns up to the fact that he is a mad character like everybody else. Also, he is witty and intelligent. He seems to know his way around wonderland. Outmaneuvering him is impossible. He continually assists Alice around Wonderland and provides the perfect entertainment that at times baffles and annoys Alice. Moreover, Alice is not the only Wonderland character who is intrigued by him. The others are astonished as well.

The combination of the Cheshire cat’s wit, dark humor, and intelligence make him one of the most lovable characters of all time. He has inspired many movies, series, and books many others.
If you are a fan, you definitely need something that acts as an impression of Wonderland’s most beloved kitty. You can accomplish this with our one of a kind handmade Cheshire cat earrings. You are not fully dressed without a Cheshire cat smile! Our earnings feature the unique, compelling grin of the Cheshire cat is originally made for you. 
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